Spy School

Agent007, James Bond or Ethan Hunt, the Missions Force agent?

Everyone loves crime and action, especially when there are puzzles to solve. All participants will easily download a game specially created for you (download from Google Play / App store).

QR code scan through the application, will alllow you to enter the game. The game consists of several time-limited challenges that bring points. Online real-time evaluation, which creates competitive fever.

1) Riddles and Q&A, Image Recognition
. Cult replics and images of well-known agents, that you will need to guess to continue.
2) Video/ Photo Challenge: Challenges where you have to create a photo/ video, so you will have to show a dose of creativity!
3) Special logical tasks with secret codes and ciphers.

Suitable for: For home workers, remote teams, during conferences and seminars, entertainment and teambuilding.
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