The Success of the Virtual Forum Business Talks with Series of Employer Branding REstart

We share our joy about the success of the Business Talks virtual conference, with four editions up to now.  The virtual forum is launched on 19.05.2020 when the first edition was held.

What is #BTalks?
An event with "stories FROM business TO business" as we like to describe it or Business Talks.

Till now, several editions have been held, in which managers from global companies take part. We present digital innovations and technologies for the benefit of the HR and PR community, little secrets for success in communication (with a focus on digital marketing) and especially for employer management brand (employer branding). A topic that is closest to our heart, due to the nature of working with the HR community, most often in part employee engagement and overall strategy building.

On 08.04.2021 is the new event of the #BTalks series under the motto Business Talks: Better & Beyond
The third edition of the #BTalks series: Employer Branding REstart vol 3: Disrupted in Transformation
  • Hybrid event with streaming and studio speakers;
  •  Lecturers from companies such as Lidl for their great strategy as a top employer (certified by Top Employers Institute), TBI Info (for their product sHRedy), MODIS for their global partnership with Mercedes and Elena Spirina and Georgi Malchev for disruptive marketing strategies.
Second edition of the virtual event Employer Branding REstart vol 2: The Power of Events!

Let's take a closer look at the interesting results for this event: The virtual forum brought together speakers from several international companies in 2 days with stories "from business to business". 401 participants signed up for the event, and the event ended with a networking cocktail on 01.10.2020, as well as a digital game.

Participants had the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers online, to participate in surveys by answering questions and even in digital entertainment at the end of the event.

  Successful business practices, problems and approaches to various challenges shared:
  • Kaloyan Petrov and Alexander Tsonkov, Agile Coach (LIDL Digital) with the topic "Gamification in organizational transformation". A very heartfelt topic of our company, as it coincides with what we offer to our clients as business simulations and design thinking approaches in companies, and Kaloyan and Alexander know perfectly well how important it is to make changes in the organization through game models.
  • Antonio Grigorov - Human Resources Manager (Sitel Bulgaria) with the topic "Recruiters are… Taking the process to the MAX", in which Antonio captivates us with stories from millennia ago and how exactly the profession of a person engaged in staff selection has developed (Recruiter) and why nowadays the attitude towards them is ... from HERO to ZERO.
  • Stefania Duncheva - Director of Human Resources (TELUS International Europe), with the topic "Retention and development of employees. Good practices in social and corporate responsibility". As a company, TELUS wins a number of awards every year as a good employer, for innovation and others, but the program that grabbed our hearts was their latest CSR initiative (CSR) for the Sofia Zoo.
  •  Filip Batoev - Employer Brand Specialist and Ivaylo Yanev - Communications Manager (Bosch.IO) with the topic "Employer Branding in the conditions of digitalization". A company that has something to say about its in-house environment as a good employer, even with its marketing campaigns like "Like a Bosch" - feels the power of positivity and humor in a global brand full of innovation, caring for the group for over 405,000 employees. Philip and Jvailo won the audience mostly with the interesting initiative for dual training, which makes them an extremely desirable employer of the new generation.
  • Rada Yosifova - Human Resources Director and Vladimir Makhnev - Head of the Digital Transformation and Innovation Department (Raiffeisenbank) with the topic "The Impact of Innovation on the Employment Experience in Raiffeisenbank". They presented their program for employees “Innovation Garden” and especially the bank as a seeker of change, cutting bureaucracy and even in the process of implementing Agile Management, which definitely defines them as innovative in this highly conservative financial sector.
  • Maria Manolova, HR Manager, Milestone Systems and the topic "Being an Agile Organization". It turned out that almost the entire 2-day forum revolved around the words "Transformation" and "Agile", and Maria's topic became a dose of reflection for everyone, as far as the innovative approach to be flexible in setting goals, but not in the way that you change quickly and easily your entire strategy only on the basis of a working trial error method in search of the best method to achieve success and growth, in terms of good cooperation and a sense of belonging to the team.
  • Levent Korkmaz, CEO of Begital and Business Consultant and Salesforce Partner in Bulgaria, Director of Digital Transformation at PMI Bulgaria Chapter presented the futuristic view of the new man "homo digitalis" through his topic "Becoming Digital in a New World: Future of Audiences & Virtualization Trends ". He also showed us how to use the Salesforce studio to listen to the market in real time and get the most out of analyzing our marketing campaigns, whether they focus on recruiting and managing an employer brand or evaluating our product campaigns.
  • Chris Powell - The Event Expert (UK) presented some basic facts on "Virtual Events and In-Person Events in the new normal", as well as his academy for training future event organizers.
Networking cocktail at the end of the event


The first edition of the Employer Branding REstart: Challenges After The Crisis format
  • 19.05.2020
  • Online
  • 400+ registered participants
  • Speakers such as Ivaylo Slavov (Executive Director, BULPROS), discussion panel between Sofia Mednikarova (HR Manager, MM Solutions) and Iliana Geosheva (Employer Branding Manager, Luxoft Bulgaria), Blagoy Nikushev (Managing Director Zebra Digital) and Milena Hadjiivanova (professional coach, H-Vision) and Daniela Dolapchieva (HR Director for Europe, SUTHERLAND Global).