Participants will have to work with "evidences and different clues to reveal mystery and find the CODE to unlock the room.

 Using Image Recognition technology. Teams will have to scan specific items, unlock tasks and challenges and codes to get free!

It is hosted via a video link between the participants from our host and a special application for which we will send you a QR code for scanning. Team play, captain is answering, but whole team discuss and solve it.  Includes 3 IR questions and 10+ puzzles and Trivia questions

Suitable for: Teamwork and communication, problem solving (finding solutions), time management, leadership and strategic thinking

Good for homeworkers, remote teams, at the end of conferences or trainings such as gamification: To check what is heard, to reinforce the material (everyone sees the correct answers after answering) and to encourage the winners.

Duration: 40 – 80 min.

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