Big Picture: Unite The Divided

Your company's corporate values will come to life with colors and emotions!

Everybody will be at home or at the office and will receive a special box with everything needed like paint and brushes, pencils and canvas for their project part of a painting and specific instructions. The parts of the painting will be approved in advance by You as a concept. No one from the employees will know what the whole project would look like, they’ll know only which of the participans will have adjacent pieces. They’ll be able to contact each other and discus the colours and specifics, so they can be sure that they are work as a unit. Access will be granted throught a virtual platform and connect with the game master. When everybody is ready with their part, they will send  a photo of the project to the moderator who has to unite the divided pieces into one and send it back to the participants.

Optional: The real picture would also be United, after the part are collected by a courier.
Duration: 2 – 3 hours

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