Training Programs

All programs are performed with certified trainers with extensive experience in Bulgaria and abroad.
We work with proven names in the industry and according to the requirements of your company, we can provide the most suitable trainer, couch (from ICF) or else and program.
The programs include giving feedback during and after the event, and always are performed with modules with less theory and more exercises, role-playing games and business simulations, retreat as more effective and easily perceived. For our team, the most important is the learning through experience (ie working on the topic).

We can offer you the mention below and similar training programs, for one- or two-day seminars:

"Organizational Skills and Time and Task Management" Training Program
In almost every company there is a project work In reality, every task for a manager is a mini project, which requires his attention and efforts, planning of finances and team. Have you ever worked with overworked teams and professionals and even managers who are not planning their time well? Who promises but does not finish their tasks within the specified time? Has it ever happened to you personally that you cannot cope with the incoming tasks in your professional and personal life - who suffer from a lack of time? Do you know how to say "NO", can you delegate and HOW to prioritize your tasks? How do you get into written and oral communication - are you short and clear, comprehensive enough, or overwhelmed by the people around you, wasting their time with poorly structured information.
Objectives: To build a personal system for prioritizing tasks, to build an approach in communication with short and useful business communication, the ability to say NO, to delegate tasks.
Duration: 6 hours.

Commercial Skills Training Program
Included are some modules such as "Basic Sales Steps - Individual and B2B," "Active Listening," Can We Ask Questions, "Win-Win" Situations and Negotiation, "Conflict Management", "Effective Communication",
"Telephone Communication ", "Key Customer Types and Sales Psychology and Approach".
The modules are interactive with role-playing games and theory, experiential learning and self-analysis of behavior. According to your needs, we will stress on up to 2 pcs.ot mentioned topics/modules in one day of training, upgrading skills with each subsequent module.
Duration: 4 to 6 hours.

Conflict Management and Effective Communication Training Program
Modules with theory and practice on conflict management, practical tips for effective communication like learning to listen and hear, feel heard and understood, improve your oral communication by stopping conflicts and melting ice and his written communication. Role-playing or short business simulations can complement our day and our emotional learning experience.
Objectives: Build an approach to communication, manage conflicts with clients, colleagues and more.
Duration: 4 to 6 hours.

Building an Effective Team. Working with People's Differences
How do you deal with differences? The behavior of different types of people and how it affects the team. Self-esteem of attendees to which "emotional type" they belong to. How different groups make decisions, how they communicate. What it takes to build a successful team.
Tolerance. Seeing everyone's positive qualities. Working in groups through introspection and working on a specific project.
Objectives: Team analysis through self-assessment. Build an approach to communication and manage conflict with colleagues. It is also complemented by a Sales module for core types of customers in the same emotional decision making and project / sales role-playing game.
Duration: 4 to 6 hours.

Team Planning for Sustainable Success Planning
Objective: To make a calm and realistic account of what has been achieved, on the one hand, and the challenges ahead, on the other.
Tasks: Discuss successes and mistakes, anticipate challenges and dangers. To consolidate the good working atmosphere in the team, through the goals of the organization, the company culture and values ​​and the personal contribution of everyone.
Program: Retreat, simulations and role play, self-estimation through special questionnaires, discussion, short team work exercises. Possible next steps: Inmplement a management program for development and change.
Duration: 4 to 6 hours minimum.

Training program "Corporate mission and vision. Corporate values ​​and corporate culture"
If your company is yet to implement values, change them, or want to emphasize the importance of corporate culture for the organization and for everyone working within it, then this is the first step towards recognizing and with the goals of the company.
Objective: To take stock of the current situation and the challenges involved in implementing corporate values. To set new goals for the team, to generate ideas for process improvement and communication, but above all to recognize the participants with the overall philosophy of the company and its mission, vision and values.
Program: After a short presentation in advance by the moderator / trainer of the directions and the meaning WHY the organizational culture is important for the company, we will work in groups, we will present and even play and recreate corporate values. Through such discussion and creative teamwork, participants will emotionally connect with the topic and the company. Yes, we will have fun, but imperceptibly, we will outline the next steps for development and change, or report the change from development and personal growth, together with the company.
Duration: 4 to 6 hours
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