Our Team

Our team consist of marketing enthusiasts for which event management, creative concepts and passion in sales and achieving results is not a job or pack of tasks, but way of life.

We believe in PM's motto: “Work on projects you are PROUD of, with people who INSPIRE you, for companies you RESPECT. Do great WORK and be RECOGNIZED for it. Love the JOBS you do!”  

Elena Spirina is the company founder and CEO with 20+ years of Marketing experience in large international companies like Overgas, Postbank, PAC Doverie, PAC Saglasie.  Elena Spirina is the owner of companies and brands like PARTY MANAGEMENT, PM ADVENTURES, and WHITE DINNER. Pasionate in everything she does, she is demanding, but always lead straight to the target.

Elena Spirina - Employer Branding Strategies & Corporate Events
Kalina Hristova- Corporate & Public Events, Brand Activations
Mihaela Radkova - Team Building Programs, Catering & Tents
Krasimira Manashfi - Marketing, Design & Social Media
Doroteya Decheva - Team Buildings Programs & Corporate Events (Romania)
Milko Marinov - Graphic Designer
Vyara Kukova - Accountant

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