Score Hackers

Raise the mood of your employees with  Score Hackers Team Building!

The game consists of 4 stages, that all your teammates shall answer for a limited timе. This will bring each team a certain amount points, based on speed in answering correctly.
  • Trivia: the game is usually kicked off with a round of trivia, where the teams have to cooperate and test their knowledge of  corporate values, mission, and some fun questions.
  • Buzz-in challenge: where you have to let your competitive self come out, since you will be tested not only on your knowledge, but also speed!
  • Fun fact matching:  one of the crowd favourites, as it allows you to get to know your colleagues like never before. Every team will try to match up facts to people they think they belong to..
  • Pictionary: another fun game that makes each team cooperate in order to win, since all the players are drawing at the same time.
Suitable for: For homeworker,remote teams, during conference and seminars, at the end of the training as gamification.
Required: Desktop version, there is no need to download anything!
Duration: 40 – 80 min.

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