10 Tips How to Market Your Public Event With Almost Zero Budget


You invested a lot of time, resources and money in planning your event and you want to make sure that it will be well attended so that all the energy and efforts pay off. It often happens, however, that most of the budget is already spent on the realization of the event itself, and to cover staff costs, rents, etc., and little money is set aside for marketing.

Marketing is important, don't underestimate it! For a campaign without any advertising, you will need quite strong networking, but it will not be enough.

Good news! Efficiency is not always associated with a big budget.

Here are 10 marketing tips from PARTY MANAGEMENT team on how to market your public event with almost 0 budget.

1. Keywords and hashtags
Choosing the right keywords is half the success of using hashtags, and they will increase the reach of your audience. When choosing a hashtag, put yourself in the place of the target audience, your post should match their expectations. You can use them in any social media in which your company is positioned (Linked IN, Facebook, Instagram), but make sure you choose the right hashtags and do not overdo their use.

2. Use ambassadors
Being a brand ambassador means promoting the products and services of a company. In most cases, ambassadors are famous people, which in this case you can not afford. Instead, you can use your employees, your partners, and even your customers as your ambassadors. You will see that no matter how small an audience they have, even one of their posts will bring you extra traffic. Make an influence campaign without worrying about the lack of a fee budget, offer them free samples of your product or tickets if you are doing an event.

3. Win your friends and acquaintances
What better ambassador can you have than yourself. As an event manager or a person connected in any way with the organization of events, you certainly have a network of many contacts, both online and offline, use it!

4. Media partners
There is no one who does not agree on how important they are. If you manage to reach them, you will reach their audiences and theirs, and so on. You can find them in the face of various media - business, lifestyle, etc. Again, you can offer them samples or tickets in return.

5. Share the event in target groups
A trick that will inevitably increase interest in your event. Instead of sharing the event again and again on your own page, look for groups that fit your event. For example, if you are doing a fashion and beauty event, your target groups will be those with more women, such as mother groups, babysitters, recipes, etc.

6. Make a social media campaign
No matter how much budget you have, in the name of the success of your event, you would make a paid advertising campaign, right? We are not talking about an external provider or indiscriminate sponsorship of posts, we are talking about targeted paid advertising in the amount of 10-20 dollars. This way you will be able to group by regional or age limit, by certain professions, positions, etc. Consider placing cookies and pixels on your pages, they do a great job, and with more desire, you can put them yourself.

7. Remarketing
If this isn't your first event, you can directly create an audience of all participants in previous editions, so you'll be sure that you target people who are already interested in what you're doing.

8. Use videos
Video content attracts and holds much more attention, and it can drive your audience to action. Speakers, artists, or even some of the participants can make a short video to the audience. You can do this with a story on social media, a post, or an advertisement.

9. Personalized invitations
They are really a great way to reach specific audiences. Undoubtedly time consuming, but if you can't afford Business Navigator for LinkedIN you should definitely give it a try.

10. Case Study: 
White Dinner is an elegant city picnic, whose concept is "Secret place. Secret meeting." Tradition also dictates that you bring food and a friend. White Dinner is our public event, and in 2021 it is its 5th edition. We have almost no advertising budget each year, but our results are stunning. The first edition of the event (2017) during a three-month marketing campaign for the event reached nearly 200,000 users in social media and has 320 participants. In 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and people's fear of taking part in public events, there was great interest in the event. Before the event, a big influence campaign was made with about 10 bloggers and influencers who posted a photo of the invitation. During the event we had over 100,000 views on social networks, thanks to all the guests and public figures such as Natalia Kobilkina and many others.

In social medias event reached 283,000 users, with over 5,000+ engagements and over 48,500+ views of the trailer video from 2019.

Business Talks is a series of virtual and hybrid events inspired by successful business stories and market trends. So far, there have been 3 events focusing on the еmployer brand entitled "Employer Branding Restart".

In the presented Case Study we give an example from the communication campaign for the second event Employer Branding REstart vol.2.