Manor House Murder

Raise the mood of your employees with DIGITAL team building!
All participants will receive: Event invitation with short instruction (special QR code/link to download an application, specially designed by us for your team).

The game consists of 30 to 50 questions, that all your teammates shall answer for a limited timе. This will bring each player a certain amount points, based on speed in answering correctly. Online real-time evaluation creates a competitive fever!

1) Funny Q&A: Some intersting questions that cover History, Geography, Music, Movies, etc.

2)  Questions about company: How interpret the understanding of corporate values and identity, facts and company slogan, goals or processes, or Q&A about just finished training session.

Suitable for: For homeworker,remote teams, during conference and seminars, at the end of the training as gamification: What is heard, solidification of the material( everybody sees the right answers after they have responded) and encouraging the winners.

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