Hi-Tech City Adventure

In the 21st century, technology meets tradition!

World famous City Alley / Treasure Hunt quests are now digital team-building and include special enabled puzzle search, software for unlocking on-the-go locations, augmented reality (AR), photo tasks for your teams of famous landmarks, quiz with questions and active 2-3 sports games as challenges along the way! Questions and tasks can be of general culture and fun, as well as corporate values, company and product information, and team names can be woven into history. Teams keep track of their and competing teams' results in real time, they have a whole list of tasks and places to visit, each with a different number of points. They need to strategically decide where to focus, on which points are more important to them, because time is limited and watching online competition creates a real fever to win! It can be held even in different cities and countries at the same time as again there is a city / team ranking. Party Management has been running digital quests from 5 years now for a number of companies in Bulgaria and abroad.
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