Brand Activations with promoters and hostesses

Promoters and Hostesses
Large company events require additional staff to meet the guests, serve, coordinate, etc. In order to do this, you need experienced people on place, good-looking boys and girls. We offer staff hiring: hostesses, waiters, bartenders, experienced coordinators and others. 

At the same time, many companies prefer to conduct campaigns using BTL channels as sampling and promotion. Few tips why sampling with promoters is so effective and preferred by companies not only in FMCG, but also hi-tech, financial product, cosmetics, etc:
  1. Campaigns low cost
  2. Direct sale, usually at the point of sales
  3. Actively reach and advertise to the targeted group, on the point of sale
  4. Explanation of benefits (USP’s)
  5. Handling objections of potential buyer
We have a large list of young people throughout the country, that could serve you in your BTL promotion.  At the same time, based on your needs, we can propose you english speaking team, special ballets and cheerleaders for your BTL campaign.

Prices for long-term campaigns with promoters as leafleting, advertising, sampling, tasting: from 9 BGN per promoter per hour.

Prices for short-term campaigns with promoters as leafleting, advertising, sampling, tasting: from 11 BGN per promoter per hour.
Prices for hostesses for your events: from 60 BGN (for up to 4 hours)
Experienced event coordinator for your ocasion: from 100 BGN (includes coordination in the day of event and needed  preparation in order to get into details of your event program).

Theme courier. Courier dressed as a Pirate, Santa Claus or Snow-White arrives at the office of your business partners or customers to surprise them with gifts, to bring invitations for an event or other occasion. What more memorable than that? Price from BGN 80 per 1 delivery. For higher N of theme courier deliveries, price is under negotiation.

All prices are w/t VAT and are examplary ones, do not include transport and accomodation costs, agency fee, etc.
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