Virtual FUNtastic Racers

Imagine a customized app with your logo, your corporate colors and questions, based on your products, company history and team corporate values!

Raise your employees mood! Create positive vybes!

A virtual team-building adventure suitable for home office staff, remote teams or during conferences and trainings! Everyone gets a QR code that will help them easily download a tailor-made for you game. App made for you that we will upload in Google Play.
Each participant sees an online scoring of all players in our digital team building. Challenges are automatically ranked by receiving points if fullfill requirements. You have limited time (1 hour) and challenges that can cause participants to interpret their understanding of the company's mission, corporate values ​​through photo tasks, and video content creation. Through Q&A, as well as special logical tasks, even with difficult codes and ciphers, participants will immerse themselves in the magic of a team-building experience both at home or at the office or conference!

Appropriate: For up to 1000 participants, for all remote teams, also during conferences and trainings as an added value to your event and team spirit.

Duration: 40 minutes to 1 hour
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